A society where business and social benefit are aligned.

We are passionate about developing and harnessing profitable collaboration opportunities through our Impact Communities. We bring together individuals and private, public and third sector organizations to solve difficult social problems together, and create a more sustainable society.

Complex social issues are challenging the sustainability of our businesses and society, and cannot be solved by any organization or sector alone. Attempts to solve entrenched social issues from a political or a philanthropic angle have so far not produced satisfactory results

What makes our approach different are our „Impact Communities“. They consist of corporations, organizations, SMEs, educators, entrepreneurs, governance authorities, student organizations and individuals. We orchestrate collaboration between our members to create new business opportunities that solve social challenges.

We have incorporated CircularSociety as a Swiss-based social for-profit enterprise. We apply a business approach to social issues. CircularSociety offers individuals and companies alike a means to be more engaged and actively responsible in building sustainable businesses and societies. CircularSociety is at its base a grass-roots organization that relies on the engagement of individuals … one by one. We believe in a global society energized by its interconnectedness – the notion of which is based on both timeless wisdom traditions and on the newest scientific frameworks. Our logo is the image of the Torus – a dynamic, multi-dimensional body shaped by an endless number of circles centered around the concentric canal for the flow of energy. The logo thus symbolizes the energetic coherence and the interconnectedness of all individuals within the totality of a CircularSociety.