Childhood Development

Description and vision of this project

The aim of this project is to increase the knowledge and understanding of what drives adulthood success in childhood. We want to influence stakeholders in education to enable the development of key environmental factors beyond purely academic aspects (science, maths and language) either through enhancing current curriculum or through the provision of after school activities. We are building a community that connects parents, educators and children to the right information and relationships to enable childhood development and adulthood success.


Our complex world is challenging us on many different levels. Globalization, uncertainty, ambiguity and technological advances are just a few elements that are impacting the world of tomorrow. However, our education system is not providing the necessary guidance. And we cannot leave this problem to the education sector alone – we need to think of this issue in a more holistic way.

We are therefore building an impact community of educators, parents, schools and children. Together we aspire to develop, test and implement learning programs that focus on the development of leadership, sense making, emotional intelligence, perseverance, cognitive ability, secure parenting, entrepreneurship and happiness.


Chantelle Brandt Larsen