Circular Consulting

Our consulting services are particularly relevant for organization that are struggling with any of these questions:

  • How to find new and sustainable business models?
  • How to hire, retain and develop talent?
  • How to strengthen the own employer or company brand?

The professional world is undergoing a massive change. A major reason for this change is the emergence of the millennial generation (members are born between 1980 – 2000).

The members of the millennial generation are the customers and employees of tomorrow and they stand to inherit $40T of the world’s wealth. These individuals are drawn to collaborative, innovative, purposeful and meaningful acts that create large scale impact. They have the desire to both work for and purchase from organizations that think and act like they do. Their social impact will be felt by every organization.

We help organizations think through and implement new business ideas that are based on collaboration, we support organizations develop ways to engage millennial employees and we enable organizations leverage the impact of their CSR, HR and Marketing teams.

We would be happy to evaluate with you how your organization can best prepare for the changing market conditions.

Please feel free to contact us.