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9th May 2017

ZfU Trendforum für Frauen in der Führung

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Selbstsicher und souverän führen.
Noch nie waren die Chancen von Frauen auf eine Führungsposition so gut wie heute. In KMU und in den unteren und mittleren Managementebenen grösserer Firmen sind Chefinnen im Vormarsch.


Hans-Jürgen Lenz, Ruth Metzler, Ilka Piechowiak, Carsten Sudhoff, Dr. Paul Vanderbroeck, Dr. Bärbel Wardetzki

09:00-17:00 Uhr

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24th August 2017

International HR Community of Switzerland

„Define your personal USP“

Carsten Sudhoff

von Rundstedt & Partner Schweiz AG, Kreuzbühlstrasse 20, Zurich
17:30 - 21:00 including networking apero

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3rd November, 2016

YMCA Annual Strategy Meeting

The Era of Collaboration - Blending Mission, Governance and Entrepreneurship to empower the youth

The Era of Collaboration


Czech Republic

30th November, 2016

ZfU - International Business School

Faszination Führung!

Women in Leadership

Moderation by Carsten Sudhoff

Zurich - Switzerland

24th + 25th October, 2016

Transformational Leadership for a new era

eMBA workshop by Carsten Sudhoff

Lorange Institute of Business

eMBA workshop

Hirsackerstrasse 46, CH-8810 Horgen

27th September, 2016

Leading Swiss Luxury Conglomerate


The New Reality of Business

Workshop by Carsten Sudhoff


14th March, 2016

ZfU - International Business School

Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership

Moderation by Carsten Sudhoff

Zurich - Switzerland

25th February, 2016

Collaborative Leadership

Leading German Media Company

Leading German Media Company

Top executive workshop by Carsten Sudhoff

Magdeburg - Germany

8 + 9th October, 2015

Leading German Insurer



Top executive workshop by Carsten Sudhoff


19+20th November, 2015

Leadership Workshop

Lorange Institute of Business

Carsten Sudhoff

2-day eMBA accredited Workshop „Transformational Leadership for a new era“


22nd October, 2015

Leading German Media Conglomerate


Mastering Complexity

workshop by Carsten Sudhoff


8 + 9th October, 2015

Responsible Leadership

Lorange Institute of Business

Convergence, Responsibility & Leadership

Keynote Carsten Sudhoff

Zurich - Switzerland

14th September, 2015

European Broadcasting Union (EBU)

Annual Meeting

Carsten Sudhoff

European Youth Employment (eYe) - Certificate

Berlin - Germany

23rd June, 2015

Explore the Systemic Approach

Working systemically with personal & professional issues & goals.

Taster Day

A taster-day hosted by CircularSociety, with Stephen Busby

Venue: Kloster Dornach near Basel, Switzerland

2nd June, 2015

University of St. Gallen

Convergence Workshop: Developing New Business Models

Leadership Workshop

Speaker: Carsten Sudhoff

University of St. Gallen

29th May, 2015


Moderated by Carsten Sudhoff

Carsten Sudhoff (Moderator)

Doors will open at 8:30 The venue can be easily reached by public transport, by car or by UBER TEDxZurichWomen:

Venue: Renaissance Zurich Tower Hotel, Turbinenstrasse 208005, Zurich, Switzerland

28th April, 2015

Living And Working From Higher Consciousness

Transform Yourself, Your Projects and Your Innovation Potential A new course of six interactive 90-minute online sessions over three months, with Stephen Busby and Nicholas Janni.

Further Details

Dates: Virtual courses at 6.00pm CET / 5.00pm UK / 9.00am PST
Class 1: Tuesday 28 April
Class 2: Tuesday 12 May
Class 3: Monday 25 May
Class 4: Tuesday 9 June
Class 5: Monday 22 June
Class 6: Tuesday 7 July


15th April, 2015

HR Swiss

Annual HR - Event for HR Professionals

Carsten Sudhoff

Keynote: Leadership for humanity's best instincts

Messe Zürich

14th March, 2015

HULT Prize

Carsten Sudhoff: Jury Member of the HULT Prize 2015, March 14, London, UK. This Year's Theme: Early Childhood Education

Further Details

The 6 regional winners will compete at the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative in September 2015.

The winner will get 1 million USD Seed Capital

27th February, 2015

Fostering Entrepreneurship to address the Demands of the 21st Century

CircularSociety had invited Peter Vogel and Michelle Blanchet to run a half day workshop on entrepreneurship with school children and adults in the same room.

Dr. Peter Vogel (Program Director) Michelle Blache (Guest Lecturer)

Creating an entrepreneurial setting within organizations. Why foster entrepreneurship within organizations? How to start teaching young people entrepreneurship as early as possible? Fostering entrepreneurialism in schools.

Cham - Switzerland

26+27th Feb., 2015

The Call of the Future Module 1 (2 days Workshop)

Facilitators: Nicholas Janni and Stephen Busby

9th Feb, 2015

SAP & INSEAD event Abu Dhabi, UAE

Keynote: High Performance Teams - Connecting people to achieve performance and deliver excellence

Carsten Sudhoff

Date: February 9, 2015

Venue: United Arab Emirates

11th Dec, 2014

The Call of the Future

Are you looking to find ways to co-create a working environment that encourages innovation and collaboration? Have you ever wondered how you can contribute to a more sustainable ecosystem? And would you like to better understand what changes may be required in your own behaviour? CircularSociety is pleased to invite you to our free 1-day starter course: “THE CALL OF THE FUTURE –

Nicholas Janni and Stephen Busby (Trainers)

Transforming business and social impact to effect positive change in the world” This invitation is for people in CSR, HR, (social) entrepreneurs and individuals who are preoccupied with sustainable development of their organization or society

Venue: Lorange Institute of Business Zurich, Hirsackerstrasse 46, 8810 Horgen, Switzerland

28th Nov, 2014

European Youth Employment (eYe) project launch

Youth unemployment affects us all as it is a personal, economic and political challenge of serious dimension.


CircularSociety and our partners have joined forces behind the European Youth Employment Project (eYe) with the aim to ultimately change the lives of up to 50,000 unemployed youths by end 2018!

Venue: Lorange Institute of Business Zurich, Hirsackerstrasse 46, 8810 Horgen, Switzerland

16th Nov, 2014

DSOA Launches “The Entrepreneur Day” Competition

Carsten Sudhoff speaks about “The Role of Entrepreneurs and Investors in creating new Leadership” at the “2014 Entrepreneur Day” conference in Dubai. This event was hosted by Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Carsten Sudhoff

The audience is a mix of technology entrepreneurs, angel investors and VCs, industry experts from tech multinationals and media.

Venue: Dubai, UAE

12th Nov, 2014

Michael Page: HR conference

“Building Sustainable Businesses & A New Societal Model with a Focus on the Millennial Generation (Y)”

22nd Oct, 2014

Character Education for a Challenging Century – A Global Conference in Geneva, Switzerland

“There is every reason to place renewed emphasis on the moral and cultural dimensions of education…” - UNESCO, International Commission on Education in the 21st Century


Eduardo Briceno, Gerard d’Aboville, Linda Darling-Hammond, Han de Wit, Charles Fadel, Dr. Bernard Harris, Jr., Margaret Heffernan, Conrad Hughes, Shanette Porter, Andreas Schleicher, Barry Schwartz, Carsten Sudhoff, Vicky Tuck, Dr. Dirk Van Damme, Richard Weissbourd.

Venue: Online and in Geneva - The Arts Centre, International School of Geneva - 62, route de Chene CH-1208 Geneva, Switzerland

23rd Sep ,2014

Hult Prize

As jury member of the HULT prize Carsten Sudhoff - Founder and CEO of CircularSociety AG participated at the award ceremony of the HULT Prize Final at the Clinton Global Initiative on September 23 in New York. Is was an amazing event! So many great ideas! #NanoHealth are the winners of the HULT Prize winning the $1,000,000 – NanoHealth will bring cost-effective healthcare to the world’s slums.


“Reach” ( York University) - - Glucose urinalysis strips for diabetes management.
Harambee (ESADE Business School )- - Making basic eye-care accessible by empowering slum communities.
Bee Healthy(HEC Paris)- - Bee Healthy is using bees to revolutionize disease detection.
Wi Care (MIT) - - Breaking down the barriers for global medical devices.

Sweet Bites(University of Pennsylvania) - - Sweet Bites uses 100% xylitol chewing gum to fight tooth decay.

16th Sep, 2014

Executive Business Apero at ISOCS

Social Design - Projects that have changed the lives of millions. Mapping the 20 best projects in the world addressing environmental and social issues. Katell Gélébart: TEDxSpeaker, autodidact, ecodesigner, pluridisciplinary artist and the founder of ART D’ECO will be our keynote speaker.

Katell Gélébart (Speaker)

Watch Katell’s TEDx talk in Hamburg - Katell also did two days introduction on upcycling in a workshop with all the children age 3 to 16 at our CirularSociety Center.

Cham - Switzerland

17th June, 2014

Brown Bag Lunch

„The Power of Collaboration“ Carsten Sudhoff, Founder and CEO, Circular Society AG.

Time: 12:30 – 13:30

For more information here:-

Venue: Impact Hub Zürich, Viaduktstrasse 93-95, 8005 Zurich, Switzerland

5th June, 2014

TEDx Zug

Carsten Sudhoff


Carsten Sudhoff: Circular Society Heike Moses: Being Naked - Johann Gevers: The Four Pillars of a Decentralized Society - Toni Kurmann: Musical Empowerment - Roger Zedi: Governments: Online and Good - Tim Foster: Gold Fever. – Time: 17.00 – 22.00

Venue: Burgbachsaal, Dorfstrasse 12, 6300 Zug

3rd June, 2014

Keynote: HR Vision Amsterdam

The Art of Interconnected Leadership

Time: 12:40

Carsten Sudhoff, Founder and CEO, Circular Society AG

Venue: Movenpick Hotel, Piet Heinkade 11, 1019 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands.

13th May, 2014

Executive Business Apero: Daring to be a Global Leader

Keynote speaker: Andreas Dudas Top 100 Speakers Entrepreneur Excellence at / CEO and Co-Founder at / Founder and CEO at BE SHiRO Group / Key Note Speaker, Business Coach, Mediator at

Time: 8:00 – 9:30

Keynote speaker: Andreas Dudas Top 100 Speakers Entrepreneur Excellence at / CEO and Co-Founder at / Founder and CEO at BE SHiRO Group / Key Note Speaker, Business Coach, Mediator at

Cham - Switzerland

9th April, 2014

Personal Swiss 2014

Keynote: Interconnected Leadership – The imperative of collaboration

Date: 09.04.2014

Carsten Sudhoff, Founder and CEO, Circular Society AG

Venue: Messegelände, Messe Zürich, Forum 2 Halle 5, 8050 Zürich, Switzerland

21st March, 2014

Leadership Workshop

Interconnected Leadership


Nicholas Janni, Founding Director Core Presence ; Director Circular Society AG, Associate Fellow University of Oxford Said Business School. Carsten Sudhoff, Founder and CEO CircularSociety AG

Venue: Lorange Institute of Business Zurich, Hirsackerstrasse 46, H-8810 Horgen, Switzerland

19th Nov, 2013

Keynote: European Round Table of Industrialists (ERT)

Jumping the Skills Gap Symposium.

The imperative of Collaboration

Carsten Sudhoff

Date: 19.11.2013

Venue: Thon Hotel, Brussels, Belgium

22nd April, 2013

Global Leadership Congress

The New Models of Leadership

Carsten Sudhoff

CorpU, Philadelphia, USA

Penstate University

16th April, 2013

HRPS 2013

Collaborative Talent Mobility Practices

Carsten Sudhoff

16th of April 2013

Denver, USA

20th August, 2012

AIESEC: Youth to Business Forum

The New Models of Leadership

Carsten Sudhoff