Circular Project

Our Circular Projects focus on social issues that have a large-scale impact on business and societies. We build Impact Communities with organizations and individuals around these social issues and turn them into business opportunities for all members of our impact communities. Because we apply a business approach to solve social issues our impact community members are motivate to participate and together we sustainable results. Circular Projects are aligned with the visions of world authorities.

Integrate our approach in your organization’s operation:

Start / lead / sponsor a Circular Project relevant to your organisation’s business needs, values and corporate social responsibility activities

  • Gear your company’s next Corporate Social Responsibility project around one of our social change themes
  • Gear your organisation’s anniversaries around one of our social change themes
  • Engage CircularSociety consultancy and training for the creation, management, scaling and showcasing of the Circular Project
  • Showcase your organisation’s leadership in this Circular Project and increase the leverage of your corporate branding, employer branding and corporate social responsibility budget and …
  • make our business case work for you.

Join one of our existing Circular Projects eg.:

  • Child Development
  • European Youth Employment (eYe)
  • Urban Cycle

… and more are in development.


Start / Join a Circular Project

So you are passionate about creating social impact – and you want to know how to start?
Our group of volunteers is growing rapidly. People of all ages and backgrounds have offered to participate in our Circular Projects by giving time, contacts or know-how.

If you want to get active, contact us and you can meet like-minded, take ownership of sub-projects and become part of our growing global impact community.
Contact us for more information.