Circular Consulting

What is Circular Consulting?

    Transforming organizational cultures and processes to support collaborative eco-systems that enable entrepreneurship, innovation, commercial success and human well-being.

Building an open, transparent and inclusive organization culture

  • Top management: we support top management in a process to analyze, develop and implement an open, transparent and inclusive organization-wide culture fit for the demands of the business reality while honoring the organization’s past
  • HR Management: we support the HR function in building organizational capacity in the area of „Growth Mindset“, „Transformational Leadership“, „Change Management“, „Innovation“ and „Collaboration (Reducing Silo-Thinking)“.
  • Technological advancement is putting pressure on the organization’s business model and ability to innovate
  • The members of the millennial generation are the customers and employees of tomorrow. These individuals are drawn to collaborative, innovative, purposeful and meaningful acts that create large scale impact. They have the desire to both work for and purchase from organizations that think and act like they do. Their social impact will be felt by every organization.
  • Changes in the world of work (e.g. GIG-economy) are demanding companies to accommodate permanent employees as well as a growing number of temporary / workers

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