Katell Gélébart

Circular Project: Zero Waste

Katell Gélébart stated the Circular Project “Zero Waste”

About Katell: “My creations are born in different cultural environment around the globe, with « what is already there » and act as a « social impulse « to inspire communities in their choices for change: social, environmental and a greater awareness”.

Katell Gélébart is an autodidact, ecodesigner, pluridisciplinary artist and the founder of ART D’ECO. Since 1998, Katell has been developing and promoting the potential of re-using waste & unwanted materials in the field of fashion and design. She is a modern nomad and has been lecturing and teaching in many countries such as: New Zealand, Ukraine, India, the Netherlands, and Italy and many more. She also works with crafts and artisans in India. She gives lectures on Eco Design in different Design Academies around the world and works as a consultant in her fields of expertise.

Experience/ Achievements
Artist in residence – DUNE Eco Resort in South India.

Katell has completed two Artist Residency Programs at the DUNE Eco Resort in South India.

Lecturer/Conference & Workshop Leader/ Ecodesigner/ Writer

  • She is a lecturer and conference & workshop leader empowering people to create with waste.
  • An Ecodesigner creating out of waste material and unwanted from society, making fashion and design articles through her company Art d’eco & design
  • In February 2013, her biography Die Mülldesignerin: Wie Katell Gélébart die Welt verändert was published by SCORPIO

European Cultural Award – Kairos Prize
In 2012, she received the European Cultural Award by the A.Toepfer Foundation to honour her “creative visionary revisiting what’s already there”. The Kairos Prize is one of the most prominent prizes in Europe.

The TEDx talk Hamburg,Trash is the Gold of Tomorrow