Mateusz Ciasnocha

Circular Project: eYe – European Youth Employment

    Mateusz is currently pursuing his bachelor degree in Business Administration at Hult International Business School, having studied so far in London & Dubai, and rotating to San Francisco and Shanghai very soon. His professional experience includes working in a governmental office in Brussels and managing international machinery purchases for innovative Polish farmers.

Moreover, he is responsible for the External Relations at Oxford Entrepreneurs – the largest student-led student society in Europe focusing on entrepreneurship. Finally, as long as professional engagement goes, he is leveraging his skills, as well as learning a new ones thanks to engagement with eYe Project – which he supports from the bottom of his heart. He loves travelling and is well known for asking plenty of questions, as well as being interested in pretty much everything. Finally, he is deeply interested in the global agricultural sector and Africa, which he sees as the land of opportunities.