Ulrich Warnke

Thought leader

    University education in:
    Biology, physics, geography, pedagogy
    1971: State Exam
    1973: Dr. rer. nat.
    since 1978: “Teacher for special tasks” at the University of the Saarland – present name: “academic senior councilor”. Now retired.

38 years university Lecturer in:

  • Biomedicine
  • Biophysics
  • Environmental Medicine
  • Physiological Psychology and Psychosomatic
  • Preventive Biology
  • Bionic
  • Since 1969: Research in the field “Effects of electromagnetic waves and fields, including light on organisms”.

    Since 1989: Head of the Technical Working Group Biomedicine-Construction of various therapeutic and diagnostic systems, all non-invasive.
    The working group had the duty to supply the physical and philosophical quantum and string theories on the phenomena of life (especially in physiology, biology, psychology and medicine). This resulted in a completely new view of the organism with surprising new approaches for psychics, treatment and prophylaxis.
    Founding member of the Society for Technical Biology and Bionics at the University of Saarland. Author e.g. of “Quantenphilosophie und Spiritualität”, Scorpio (2011).