The journey to more awareness and mindfulness

Under the right conditions, training can play a catalytic role in creating a higher level of awareness and mindfulness, two of the key drivers of the new model of leadership. If done in a thoughtful manner training can then also serve as the vehicle to explore the notion of togetherness and universal interdependence. The only question is: “How can trainers strike a balance between spirituality and reality, how can they merge the concept of being and doing and how should they unite feeling and thinking in a world that seems to dominated by IQ?

Obviously, trainers will not want to disengage or otherwise put off their workshop-participants by enforcing a discussion around what some participants might interpret as spirituality, or even as religion. While it is definitely necessary to explain that the journey to more awareness and mindfulness must push existing boundaries maybe even into previously unknown territory, it will be important to use a suggestive and didactical rather than a dictatorial or categorical approach.

Equally, when trainers turn to the importance of allowing room to “be” rather than just to “do” they will need to be aware of the potential unease that this notion might create in some.  The future directed character of our society leaves little time to reflect and little room to live in the now. Some individuals will need time to absorb this concept or otherwise push back if they feel pressured.

Finally, trainers must use particular care when it comes to incorporating the dimension of “feeling” into the catalog of enablers for awareness and mindfulness. Undoubtedly, feeling one’s own self, one’s passion, purpose and true potential has to become an integral part of leadership. But trainers should not forget that some individuals will view the request to “feel” to be in direct opposition to today’s brain and intellect dominated approach.

The true genius of the trainer will lie in the ability to unite the various dimensions in a gentile way, so that the individual participant voluntarily embarks on the journey to a higher state of awareness and mindfulness.

Written by Carsten Sudhoff

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