The role of the Entrepreneur in creating the “New Models of Leadership”

When starting a new venture the entrepreneur will be asking him or herself a number of key questions like:

  • What would potential candidates be attracted by when considering to come and work for this organization?
  • What type of structure would be most suitable for this organization in order to become resilient and flexible (hierarchical, circular, other)?
  • What kind of organizational culture do I want to create and build?
  • What leadership role do I want to play?
Finding the right answers to these questions will be critical for the long term success of the venture.
On a personal level the entrepreneur will want to recognize that ambiguity, uncertainty and complexity are a constant – a permanent factor impacting any business question. Fighting their existance will not prove useful. Instead, the entrepreneur will want to acknowlede and accept the existance of own limitations and the fact that anxiety and vulnerability are elements of being a leader.
On an organizational level the entrepreneur might want to ensure that through own behaviour a culture of empathy and repect is created, built on feedback, fostering collaboration and producing a safe space for all that ultimatly helps to build a culture of innovation and not just a culture of high perormance.
In doing the above the entrepreneur will then be able to showcase to society the benefits of creating a sense of togetherness and putting the “We” over the “I”. This will also help the entrepreneur to differentiate the own organization from the competition because people will see that the human being is valued.
Written by Carsten Sudhoff


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