The role of the investor in creating the “New Models of Leadership”

An investor’s decision to financially support one business idea and not the other has a powerful amplification potential for the new leadership model.

By deciding to financially engaging in a business concept a “Seed Investor” or early stage “Venture Capitalist” obviously also supports the entrepreneur behind the business idea. And by supporting the entrepreneur the investor of course also supports the leadership style and philosophy that this entrepreneur embodies.

And this works both ways.

  • Financially supporting an entrepreneur who is striving to create a culture of empathy and respect, who uses feedback and collaboration to establish a “safe space” for all those around and who showcases the benefits of the “We” over the “I” will undoubtedly set a signal in the market in which the investor operates.
  • Investing in an entrepreneur on the other hand who embodies a more rigid, command and control approach to leadership and who shows little interest in building self awareness around the impact his own behaviours have on others might still yield financial benefits. But this investment decision will fall short of its potential to amplify the societal benefits of the new models of leadership

    Written by Carsten Sudhoff

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