The state of the world

Heads of companies, political leaders, scientists, educators, parents and the average citizen are getting increasingly concerned about the state of the world. Globally, people are feeling and expressing the need to collectively rethink our responsibilities and to find successful ways and means to tackle the growing economic and societal problems we are facing.

The effects of climate change have parts of the world suffering from devastating droughts, while other parts are threatened by rising sea levels. Severe food shortages in one area are contrasted with rising child obesity in other places. Profit maximization and youth unemployment provide fertile grounds for societal unrest.

If we continue to focus on achieving only short-term results and over-using our supplies, we will cause severe damage to our planet and its people resulting in scarcity and imbalance for today’s and even more so for tomorrow’s generations.

Today’s exclusive focus on individual success and personal benefit seem to be the main reason for the dilemma we are in. A greater awareness of the fundamental interconnection of individuals and society appears imperative.

Continuing the status quo is no longer an option. It is not too late to re-think our actions. But it is too late just for thinking – we now have to implement new ideas!

Written by Carsten Sudhoff

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