Youth employment is a top priority for the world’s YMCAs.

YMCA and CircularSociety

Youth employment is a top priority for the world’s YMCAs.

We asked the world’s young people what their biggest needs were and they told us in clear terms: we need help with jobs. The YMCA’s One Million Voices Youth Research confirmed their need for help in finding, being equipped, trained and ready for getting jobs.

This is why in 119 countries our reason for being is as fresh today as it was when we began way back in 1844: empowering young people.

The YMCA global strategy, entitled OUR WAY, has four key strategic focus areas to bring this to life: employment, environment, civic engagement and health. We are focused on these areas because young people tell us that these are what young people need today.

We are well aware of The Untold Story of injustice against young people. Young people remain our greatest asset, but our most abused one as well. We want to change that story and deliver real tangible benefits to young people in greater numbers than ever before.

That’s why CircularSociety is a great partner for us.

We can’t do it alone. We don’t believe that we hold all the answers. We have great reach into local communities in so many countries, and we believe in the power of partnership to solve social problems. This is why we have partnered with CircularSociety. We look to our partners for specialist expertise, to help us unlock doors, network, and deliver in many strategic areas.

Our first joint project is an employment training program in the YCMA of Portugal as part of the eYe – European Youth Employment – program. We wholeheartedly agree with CircularSociety’s eYe program that says “don’t turn a blind eye to youth unemployment”. We share the goals of helping create jobs, filling the skills gap, providing information resources on job applications, and skilling on how to apply for jobs. This is what the young people of the world have told us they want and now we are ready to help bridge the gap, with employers, employees and potential employees.

This will help us change the story of young people. We are committed to advocacy and we acknowledge that if we don’t take action, who will?

Written by Andrew McKenzie
Executive Secretary, Communications
World YMCA

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