Organizations limit their ability to reach their full potential by favoring short-term goals and by creating a silo-mentality in which the individual team feels obliged to maximize its own benefit irrespective of the impact on others. In a similar way, organizations could benefit from collaborating with others to create innovative business ideas that cannot be reached in isolation.
Aligning cultural forces and strategic priorities helps organizations derive innovation from the way their employees feel.
Our mission is to consult organizations in their cultural transformation towards collaborative innovation, energetic coherence and human centricity to ensure commercial success and social well-being … to be fit for the challenges of the digital age.

Circular Consulting

Collaboration, Innovation, Cultural Transformation, Commercial Success and Human Well-being


Keynote & Facilitation

Transformational Leadership, Collaboration, Innovation & Social Impact


Circular Projects

Applying a Business Approach
to Social Issues





Your organization

  • is experiencing the need for a cultural transformation
  • is moving from one change process to the next, making it really difficult for teams to perform
  • wishes to reduce the silo mentality and you want to limit its impact on team effectiveness
  • wants to find ways to increase levels of collaborate between individuals and teams
  • is pressured to innovate faster – and is seeking solutions how to do so
  • wants to be an attractive employer of choice
  • is planning to position its HR team as a change agent

Individual / Leaders

You want to

  • build a team / organization culture that drives innovation and sustains its performance
  • upgrade your own leadership capabilities to be better prepared for the challenges ahead
  • develop a comprehensive strategy that can sustainably grow the business in a complex reality
  • find ways to help your organization move from a fixed to a growth mindset