Organizations and their leaders are experiencing rising economic pressure, they struggle to maintain the relevance of their business model and they are stretched to innovate more and faster. At the same time the world of work is changing rapidly, requiring new skills and a new way we learn them.

A brief fable regarding the beginning of The Circular Society

CircularSociety as a Swiss-based enterprise. We apply a business approach to social issues. CircularSociety offers individuals and companies alike a means to be more engaged and actively responsible in building sustainable businesses and societies. CircularSociety is at its base a grass-roots organization that relies on the engagement of individuals … one by one.

A circular society

We support employers in developing dynamic organization cultures and entrepreneurial skills that drive innovation, economic success and human progress.

On the level of the individual, we are active in the areas of developing future skills and building communities that offer real benefit to the individual member. We are a network of networks.

Our global network of experts, advisors, facilitators and coaches are here to support and involve you. Come and speak to us.